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034Text by Cathy Ng, photos by Terry Bloemhard and Xueyao Yin

January 11th – 14th, 2016 in RAI Amsterdam, we have Horecava (www.horecava.nl), the largest national trade fair happening annually for professionals in the food and beverage industry to network, exchange ideas and do business. Visitors get tips from presentations, workshops and cooking demonstrations, as well as discovering 150 innovations at over 60 joining companies.

2016.1.11 Horecava P1010413“East Meets West” at Horecava 2016

In honor of the sixtieth anniversary of the Horecava, Vereniging Chinese Horeca Ondernemers (VCHO) is bringing “East Meets West” up again after ten years when the first “East Meets West” theme was created. “East Meets West” cooking show took place on Monday, January 11th, 2016, at Asian pavilion (Aziatisch paviljoen) of Horecava. Representatives from the “east” are Chef Zheng from Red Chilli’ of Nieuwe Niedorp, Chef Ji from “Han Ting“ of The Hague, Chef Wu from “Oriental City” of Amsterdam, and Chef Wu from “Yu Woah” of Amstelveen, while from the “west” we have TV chef Julius Jaspers, two Michelin stars chef Ron Blaauw, Hotel van Oranje’s Head Chef Patrick Otten and Cuisinier / television cook / Village de Chef Alain Caron.

By using the same ingredients, but with different cooking concepts and methods, chefs from the “East” and the “West” gave an interesting and inspiring cooking performance. Mr. Chen Xu, Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China and his wife Miss Li Wenci, representatives of press, politics, business, arts and culture, education and professionals in the restaurant business started the cooking demonstration with an opening speech by Mr. Bin Yu, chairman of VCHO. Guests at the tables and visitors were impressed about the knowledge and experience exchange between two different culinary cultures

2016.1.11 Horecava DSC_0225President Menu

On Tuesday, January 12th, the “president menu” was showcased. This menu was created for the Chinese president Xi Jinping in early 2015, when he was in the Netherlands. This time, chef Patrick Otten from Hotels van Oranje joined force with Wok De Mallejan to prepare the special menu again.

2016.1.11 Horecava P1010436Other Programs

At Asian pavilion (Aziatisch paviljoen), we also have sushi Aziatisch paviljoen workshop with the chefs from Japanese Restaurant Mo-Jo Fine Dining & Art (Amsterdam), a workshop on “The New Ways of Cooking”, a workshop on “Kitchen Hygiene”, a dim sum workshop led by Chef Aijian Wu from Oriental City (Amsterdam) and finally a Tea Ceremony by Hong Tong Wu and Yiemie from Tea’s Delight (Amsterdam).

2016.1.11 Horecava DSC_0281 2016.1.11 Horecava DSC_0276 P1010448 2016.1.11 Horecava P1010434 2016.1.11 Horecava P1010433 2016.1.11 Horecava P1010405

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