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VPRO Tegenlicht: De nieuwe zijderoute volgens Peter Frankopan @ Pakhuis De Zwijger
Mar 1 @ 20:00 – 22:00

26 februari om 21.05 uur bij de VPRO op NPO2
Tegenlicht Meet Up: 1 maart om 20.00 uur in Pakhuis De Zwijger

Peter Frankopan 02Tot vandaag was de wereldgeschiedenis een westers gecentreerde onderneming – gebaseerd op de stelling dat iedereen zou moeten zijn zoals wij, of tenminste zo zou moeten worden. Volgens de Britse historicus Peter Frankopan, schrijver van de wereldwijde bestseller ‘De Zijderoutes’, heeft het Westen zich op die manier volledig vervreemd van de rest van de wereld. Het oude Europa is in verval en de economische voorspoed in Azië, Afrika en Zuid-Amerika gaat aan onze neus voorbij. We hebben geen vrienden meer oostelijk van Venetië, zegt Frankopan. Het machtscentrum verschuift langs de lijnen van de nieuwe zijderoute, van west naar oost. Hoe zullen wij ons aan die nieuwe wereldorde moeten aanpassen?

We leven in verwarrende tijden. We appen alsof ons leven ervan afhangt, verschansen ons achter nieuwe grenzen en stemmen steeds nationalistischer. We zijn ervan overtuigd dat we in de beste, welvarendste en veiligste regio ter wereld leven. We denken kortom, onszelf en de wereld goed in de smiezen te hebben, maar we worden verrast door nieuwe ontwikkelingen en gevaar wat we niet hebben zien aankomen. Logisch zegt Frankopan, want wij zijn het product van onze eigen zelfoverschatting, onze diepgewortelde arrogantie, onze historische onbetrouwbaarheid en ons intrinsiek gebrek aan zelfreflectie. Zo weigeren we te geloven dat er zich buiten de grenzen van onze welvaart een nieuwe orde aandient die grote politieke, economische en culturele invloed heeft op de wereld zoals we die denken te kennen.
Volgens Frankopan is het hoog tijd voor een herijking van onze werkelijkheid. Voordat we kunnen begrijpen waar het naartoe gaat met de wereld en voordat we daarop kunnen reageren, moeten we anders naar onszelf leren kijken. Door terug te kijken, ver terug te kijken, houdt hij ons een spiegel voor, die uiteindelijk haarscherp laat zien dat we ons zullen moeten aanpassen – of we nou willen of niet.
CinemAsia Film Festival 2017 @ Kriterion
Mar 7 – Mar 12 all-day

CinemAsia poster

MAD WORLD 一念无明MAD WORLD 一念無明 (Hong Kong 香港, 2016) | Drama 剧情
Director 導演: Chun Wong 黃進
Cast 主演: Shawn Yue 余文樂, Eric Tsang 曾志偉, Elaine Jin 金燕玲
Tuesday 7 March 19:15, Kriterion Amsterdam | Thursday 9 March  21:30, Rialto Amsterdam
Saturday 11 March 21:30, Rialto Amsterdam

Including Q&A with Producer Heiward MAK 麦曦茵

After being discharged from a mental institution, Ah-Yang moves in with his father, claiming space in an already cramped apartment. It’s from this claustrophobic position where the two estranged relatives attempt to build a better, mutual future. Their efforts are hindered by traumatic events from the past, challenging the men’s claim for happiness. This highly emotional feature film debut from Wong Chun portrays the struggles of those burdened by guilt and of those incapable of forgiving the guilty. Everyone carries a semblance of guilt in MAD WORLD, an endearing drama about the deprivations of a misunderstood man with bipolar disorder.

SOUL ON A STRING 皮繩上的魂 _1SOUL ON A STRING 皮繩上的魂 (China 中國, 2016) | Western, Fantasy, Road Movie 西方,奇幻, 公路片風格的電影
Director 導演: Zhang Yang 張楊
Cast 主演: Quni Ciren, Kimba, Siano Dudiom Zahi
Saturday 11 March, 13:00 | Sunday 12 March 13:00, Rialto Amsterdam

The immaculate beauty of Tibet’s landscapes is what inspired director Zhang Yang to make a Buddhist western about revenge, hatred, reincarnation and enlightenment. Adapting not one, but two books by Tibetan author Tashi Dawa, SOUL ON A STRING portrays the quest of Tibetan cowboy and murderer Taibei, who’s trying to return a sacred rock to the mountain that symbolises Buddha’s handshake. Taibei’s epic journey grows ever so complicated after teaming up with the infatuated Joan and a psychic yet obtuse elf.

Chongqing HotpotCHONGQING HOT POT 火鍋英雄 (China 中國, 2016) | Thriller, Action 驚悚,動作片
Director 導演: Yang Qing 楊慶
Cast 主演: Baihe Bai 白百何, Kun Chen 陳坤, Hao Qin 秦昊
Thursday 9 March 21:40 | Saturday 11 March 19:00 Kriterion Amsterdam

“Chongqing’s known for two things”, a voice-over narrates at the beginning of this ambitious crime drama. “Tunnels… and hot pot restaurants.” It’s a combination that proves to be of essential importance for a quartet of thieves who decided to rob a bank. They almost get caught, but manage to escape through a hole in the floor, leading them into Chongqing’s underground tunnel complex. Slowly revealing the origin of the hole and how the heist pans out, director Yang Qing brings together suspense, bloody violence and even a pinch of comedy in this unforgettable dramatic thriller.

HEBEI, TAIPEI 河北臺北 (Taiwan 台灣, 2015) | Documentary  紀錄片
Director 導演: Nyssa Li 李念修
Wednesday 8 March 15:00 – 16:35 Kriterion Amsterdam
Thursday 9 March 19:30 – 21:05 Kriterion Amsterdam

War is more than just conflicting ideologies. A thought-provoking statement made by the director of HEBEI, TAIPEI, in the form of this deeply personal documentary about her father Li, who fought for both the Nationalists and the Communists during the Chinese Civil War. He eventually ended up in Taipei, Taiwan, when the war drew to a close, far away from his birthplace in Hebei. Armed with nothing but a camera, daughter Li decided to retrace father Li’s footsteps, to experience and document what is left of his memories. Juxtaposing her father’s shocking anecdotes with footage of her journey through China, Li paints a convincing picture of how much the country has changed since the war.

Taxi Stories 出租車故事_HKcast_Cora Cao is the 3rdTAXI STORIES 出租車故事 (China 中國 / Hong Kong 香港 / Indonesia 印尼 / Netherlands 荷蘭, 2016) | Fiction, Drama
Director 導演: Doris Yeung 楊文穎
Cast 主演: Corallin Cao 曹珊, Shanty Paredes, Petrina Fung 馮寶寶, Aji Santosa, Nazyra Noer
Wednesday 8 March 17:15 | Saturday 11 March    16:45 Kriterion Amsterdam   

Including Q&A with director Doris Yeung and model, actress Corallin Cao 曹珊
On Saturday, after the screening, Corallin Cao will host the evening as DJ

The influence of globalisation becomes painfully apparent in this ensemble film situated in three Asian metropolises. Mutual incomprehension, miscommunication and exploitation complicate the lives of a homosexual taxi driver in Beijing, a wealthy pregnant woman in Hong Kong, and an impoverished teenager in Jakarta. Despite the world becoming a more economically networked place, it becomes increasingly burdensome for these individuals to connect socially. Each and every one of them seek out genuine human interaction, but are obstructed by the barriers of their social classes.

Corallin Cao 曹珊

Corallin Cao 曹珊

My Father's CHoice1

MY FATHER’S CHOICE (The Netherlands 荷蘭 / China 中國, 2017) | Documentary 紀錄片
Director 導演: Yan Ting Yuen 袁欣婷
Tuesday 7 March 19:15 | Sunday 12 March 17:25, Kriterion Amsterdam

Director Yan Ting Yuen links her father’s life history to China’s drastic developments over the last fifty years, in this deeply intimate documentary. Covering everything from The Great Chinese Famine in the fifties to the country embracing Chinese capitalism, the film illustrates how the Chinese relation to both the personal and the global is one of constant tension. Is Yuen’s father — and by extension, Yuen herself — the product of China’s tumultuous history? Or has his life been one of constant struggle as the result of his own questionable life choices?

The Beekeeper and his son_still

THE BEEKEEPER AND HIS SON 養蜂人家 (Canada 加拿大 / Czech republic 捷克共和国, 2016) | Documentary 纪录片
Director 導演: Diedie Weng 翁蝶蝶
Friday 10 March 15:40 | Sunday 12 March 17:30 Kriterion Amsterdam   

Including Q&A with director Diedie Weng after the film on Sunday 12 March

Generational conflicts keep stacking up in this intimate look at a rural family of beekeepers. After a gap year in the big city, the adolescent Maofu returns home to supposedly help his father Lao Yu with the bee business, but finds himself more interested in reading marketing books. Maofu thinks the enterprise’s way forward is to reposition honey on the market as a more attractive product, while his father believes that his son should first muster the discipline to learn the actual craft of beekeeping. As summer slowly turns into winter, one thing is clear: the future of this family tradition is at stake.

the-road-to-mandalay-2016-chinese poster
THE ROAD TO MANDALAY 再見瓦城 (Taiwan / Myanmar, 2016)
導演 Director:Midi Z 趙德胤
Language: Mandarin Chinese, Burmese (English subtitles) 
Thursday 9 March 16:30 | Saturday 11 March 15:45

Burma is still being torn apart by the Karen conflict, one of the world’s longest-running civil wars. After the documentaries JADE MINERS and CITY OF JADE, Chinese-Burman director Midi Z returns to feature film with a tale of two Burman refugees trying to start a new life in Bangkok, Thailand. After a bone- chillingly silent smuggling trip across the border, Liangqing and Guo establish an unmistakable rapport. While trying to survive in the Thai capital, the two get entangled in a romantic relationship that is bound to fail.

Director Midi Z depicts the somber conditions of hard-working refugees with eerie precision. Can love flourish when the prospects of having work, housing and a residence permit are uncertain?

Pricetag_FilmStillPricetag 價錢牌 (Netherlands 荷蘭, 2017) | CinemAsia FilmLAB 2017
Director 導演: Myrthe Nymph Wai 韋念
Cast 主演: Frits Chung 鍾閣勳, Jenny Hsia 夏冰, Pui Fan Yip 葉佩芬, Aaron Chun Fai Wan 温俊輝, Yip Hang Yuen 袁业恒
Thursday 9 March 15:00 | Saturday 11 March (FilmLab + Q&A) 15:00, Kriterion Amsterdam

The 29-year-old Jeffrey Chen works as a shop assistant in a Chinese supermarket. His fiancé is the 26-year-old Annie Li, who comes from a traditional, wealthy Chinese family with strict parents. Struggling financially, Jeffrey does not have enough money to meet the demands of his parents-in-law. This film is inspired by stories the filmmaker sees and hears from her own environment.

OFFICIAL SHORTS SELECTION | Wednesday 8 March 15:00 | Sunday 12 March 13:30 Kriterion Amsterdam

Sweet Dumplings 甜蜜的回忆
Sweet Dumplings 甜蜜的回憶 (Belgium 比利時, 2016) | Drama
Director 導演: Lai Kin Chang 導演:張麗瓊

Yin and Lee are making dumplings in the kitchen of their restaurant. Yin is kneading dough, while Lee is cutting meat and vegetables to make the filling. They are preparing the favorite dumplings of their daughter Tim Tim who has passed away three years ago. While they are cautiously folding the dumplings, they are thinking of beautiful and painful moments.

The Silent Mob (Indonesia 印尼, 2016) | Action
Director 導演: Harvan AGUSTRIANSYAH

A hired driver visits a remote area to gather a group of men to be used as paid demonstrators. An encounter with a family and another greedy driver will soon test their humanity.

Sang Pembakar (Indonesia 印尼, 2016) | Documentary 紀錄片
Director 導演: Hari SUPRAYITNO, Dwitra J. ARIANA & Ucu AGUSTIN

This documentary provides an insight the Indonesian forest burning activity, which can result in a big catastrophe for Indonesia and surrounding countries. Those Who Burn shows how local palm oil plantation workers are faced with a big dilemma: even though they know the economical, ecological and political risks of forest burning, they sometimes need to do it to cheaply make space for their much needed plantations.

489 Years  (France 法國, 2016) | Animation 動畫
Director 導演: Hayoun KWON

Through his testimony a former soldier from South Korea gives us access to the demilitarized zone between the two Koreas. Kim tells us about his experiences on a research mission and the amazing discovery he made in a field full of mines. He talks about a place where people are forbidden, and where nature has totally regained its hold

In the Year of the Monkey  猴年 (Indonesia 印尼, 2016) | Drama
Director 導演: Wregas BHANUTEJA

Who would buy one match for 10.000 Rupiahs? In this award winning short film Diah takes her co-worker Jarwo aside to give him this ridiculous offer. The match itself is useless, but Diah has a little something extra up her sleave. It makes the deal all the more interesting for both parties.


still_life_san_xia_hao_ren_zhong_guo_Still Life  三峽好人 (Taiwan 台灣, 2006) | ICONIC SELECTION
Director 導演: Jia Zhangke 賈樟柯
Friday 10 March 13:00, Kriterion Amsterdam

Documentary maker, photographer and doctor Ruben Terlou’s top Asian film all times, present for introduction and talk on China. Moderator: China-expert Ardi Bouwers

Set in Fengjie, near the massive three gorges dam, coalminer Han Sanming tries to find his ex-wife whom he has not seen for 16 years. Nurse Shen Hong also comes to Fengjie to look for her husband who has not been home for two years. Both Han Sanmin and Shen Hong find their lost loved ones, but the planned flooding of the old township of Fengjie overshadows their reunions. 
Ruben Terlou on STILL LIFE: “Jia Zhangke is a very special filmmaker whose work says a lot about the changing Chinese society.”

CHUNGKING EXPRESS 重慶森林  (Hongkong 香港, 1994)
Director 導演: Wong Karwai 王家衛
Sunday 12 March
15:30-17:15 at Kriterion

Dutch film and television director, screenwriter Norbert Ter Hall top Asian film all times, present for introduction

Every day, Cop 223 buys a can of pineapple with an expiration date of May 1, symbolizing the day he’ll get over his lost love. He’s also got his eye on a mysterious woman in a blond wig, oblivious of the fact she’s a drug dealer. Cop 663 is distraught with heartbreak over a breakup. But when his ex drops a spare set of his keys at a local cafe, a waitress lets herself into his apartment and spruces up his life.
Norbert ter Hall on CHUNGKING EXPRESS: “The pleasure of storytelling by writer-director Wong Kar-wai and splattering cinematography by Christopher Doyle make this film a classic that you want to keep on watching.”

Vive-lamour-09SMALL-770x433VIVE L’AMOUR 愛情萬歲 Taiwan 台灣, 1994) | ICONIC SELECTION
Director 導演: Tsai Mingliang 蔡明亮
Mandarin Chinese, DUTCH subtitles
Thursday 9 March 18:45, Kriterion Amsterdam

Dutch film- and television maker Mijke de Jong’s top Asian film all times, present for introduction.

By occupying the same vacant apartment in Taipei, three disparate and desperate people step in and out of each other’s’ life. In empty bedrooms the loneliness and depression of May Lin, Hsiao-kang and Ah-jong gets highlighted in this distanced, but critical portrait of life in the big city. 

Mijke de Jong on VIVE L’AMOUR: “A film that touches you deep inside because loneliness is depicted so accurate and moving. Three lost young people in Taipei in the nineties. The strength of the film lies in the merciless affectionate observation. There is little talk but you get -sometimes uncomfortable- near.”

Gay Marriage for Taiwan 台灣亞洲同性婚姻論壇 | Friday 10 March 19:30
Location: Pakhuis de Zwijger, Amsterdam

Taiwan is on the break of becoming the first place in Asia to legalise gay marriage. As part of the 10th edition, CinemAsia Film Festival organises an intimate meet up to sit down with activists and Taiwanese/Chinese diaspora to discuss how their lives are affected by the struggle for marriage equality and gay rights.


Film This is not what I expected 喜歡你 @ Kino Rotterdam
Feb 15 @ 19:30 – 21:15

This is not what I expected

CinemAsia Special Screening
Samen met Rotterdam Chinese New Year (RCNY) en KINO Rotterdam organiseert CinemAsia de Special Screening van THIS IS NOT WHAT I EXPECTED, de verfilming van de roman “A Long Time Coming” van de gerenommeerde web-auteur Lan Bai Se.

“This is not what I expected” 喜歡你 (China, 2017) van Derek Hui 许宏宇
Lu Jin (Takeshi KANESHIRO), CEO van een internationale hotelgroep, is een man die men graag haat. Gu Shengnan (ZHOU Dongyu), sous-chef van het Rosebud Hotel, is ook geen sociale lieveling, zij is slordig en onverzorgd. Haar pad kruist dat van Lu Jin als hij bij het Rosebud hotel incheckt om het grondig door te lichten in verband met een eventuele acquisitie. Hij is ontevreden over alles wat hij ziet, maar een nonchalant aangemaakte snelle hap uit de handen van Gu is een openbaring voor hem. Hij begint gerechten bij haar te bestellen en zij kookt voor hem. Ontmoeten doen zij elkaar niet. Elk treffen tussen hen buiten deze setting is een catastrofe, zij zijn aardvijanden van elkaar, totdat hun echte identiteit onthult wordt.

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