The Little Snowman


De-Kleine-SneeuwmanAfter several years of preparations, the time has come: The Little Snowman will be on show during the months of December 2016 and January 2017 at several theatres in the Netherlands. It is an enchanting family show after the picture book of the same title by writer and illustrator Harmen van Straaten, directed by Dick Hauser. It is the result of a unique collaboration between Dutch and Chinese theatre makers, designers and musicians.

Unique International Project | China is hot. The Chinese language is taught more and more in primary schools, the Dutch are glued to the tube watching documentaries about China and there is a rapid growth and intensification of commercial and cultural exchange of knowledge between the two countries.
“The Little Snowman” is an excellent example of such exchange. The Zhong bei Yuan Theater (China) and the Twee-ater Foundation (NL) have been working together intensively on artistic, business and production matters ever since 2013. The result of this inspiring Chinese‑Dutch collaboration is “The Little Snowman”, a winter tale for young and old alike, which offers a special combination of theatre, dance, image and music from two very different cultures. “The Little Snowman” can be seen in December 2016 and January 2017 in China (Xian) and in theatres across the Netherlands. It is supported by various organizations, funds and government institutions in both countries.

The Chinese premiere of “The Little Snowman” will take place on 13 December in Xian and it will subsequently be on show in the Netherlands. A tour along various Chinese cities is in preparation for the 2017/2018 season, to be combined with a new series of performances in the Netherlands.

>The story | Outside, everything is covered under a blanket of snow. Inside, all the toys come to life when the clock strikes midnight. The Little Snowman is locked inside a small glass ball. He feels imprisoned and unheard. Also, he is secretely in love with the ballet dancer on the other side of the room. But she is unattainable. If just once he would get the chance to get out of that ball! The angel on the clock offers him a unique chance: the snowman can leave the ball for one hour. But no longer, because then … he will melt. What will the snowman do?

>The show | The Snowman will be played by the Dutch actor Rogier van Erkel. Tim Kamps plays the angel. The Chinese dancer and actress Zhao Xiaoli will perform the part of the dancer.

Image is the most important element in ‘The Little Snowman’, supplemented by spoken word in Chinese and Dutch. Seven musicians, playing on both Chinese and Western instruments, play live music that was especially composed for the piece

‘The Little Snowman’ is the result of a collaboration between the Zhong Bei Yuan theatre (ZBY) in Xian (China) and the Twee-ater Foundation (the Netherlands). It has been made possible through the aid of the Cultural Department of the Chinese Province of Shaanxi and Dutch performing arts funds.

‘The Little Snowman (4+) | Need to know more?

Script: Harmen van Straaten and Dick Hauser Director​: Dick Hauser Assistant Director: Wei Lei (ZBY) Producer: Peter Lanting Music composed by: Egon Kracht and Fu Ming Choreography: Ding Wie Stage Design: Bartel Meyburg Stage Construction: Zhang Chongxue Lighting Design: Liu Yu Lighting: Tong Xinmin Costume Design: Chen Miao Snowman: Rogier van Erkel Dancer: Zhao Xiaoli Angel (the Netherlands): Tim Kamps Other Actors: Lucia Kiel, Zhang Kangmeng, Chen Yifei, Du Yang Musicians​​: Egon Kracht (bass and musical director), Angelo Verploegen (trumpet), Michiel van Dijk (saxophone/clarinet), Wang Zhilin (flute), Zhao Lei (percussion), Gao Xiaohu (sheng), Chen Weina (pipa).

Playlist ‘The Little Snowman’ 2016-2017

  • Sat 24 Dec 2016 | Oosterhout | Theater De Bussel |
  • Mon 26 Dec 2016 | Tilburg | Theaters Tilburg |
  • Tue 27 Dec 2016 | Groningen | Stadsschouwburg Groningen |
  • Wed 28 Dec 2016 | Breda | Chassé Theater |
  • Thu 29 Dec 2016 | Amsterdam | Stadsschouwburg Amsterdam |
  • Tue 3 Jan 2017 | The Hague | Koninklijke Schouwburg |
  • Wed 4 Jan 2017 | Lelystad | Agora Theater Lelystad |
  • Thu 5 Jan 2017 | Zwolle | Zwolse Theaters |
  • Fri 6 Jan 2017 | Den Helder | Schouwburg De Kampanje |
  • Sun 7 Jan 2017 | Rotterdam | Theater Zuidplein |
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