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TEN YEARS is an omnibus film, in which five directors show what life will be like in Hong Kong in ten years. One of the directors, Kwok Zune will join us at the screenings for live Q&As.

RW_Ten Years_5-minIt’s been almost 20 years since authority over Hong Kong passed from Britain to China. China promised not to interfere with Hong Kong’s liberal way of life, though eventually that’s exactly what the Chinese authorities did. Made on a shoestring budget, Ten Years comprises five short films by five directors in which they express their fears for the future in five stories all set in a rather dystopian 2025.

Political conspiracies, crime and murder (Zune Kwok’s Extras), the disappearance of the Hong Kong culture and language (Wong Fei-pang’s Season of the End and Jevons Au’s Dialect respectively), the recruitment of children for the secret police (Ng Ka-leung’s Local Egg) and performing the ultimate sacrifice (Chow Kwun-Wai’s Self-Immolator) – all subjects that perfectly reflect Hong Kong’s current zeitgeist. Authorities in Beijing were not amused and have imposed a high penalty on downloading and disseminating the film.

DE BALIE: TUE 23 AUG – 21.00h (with Q&A)
RIALTO: THU 25 AUG – 21.15h (with Q&A) | SAT 27 AUG – 19.00h (with Q&A)

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