In the mood for love + lecture


In the mood for love

On the 8 Th. February 2015 at 13.15 h there will be a lecture (in Dutch) with the themes ‘losing & longing’ of and for love by the Dutch psychologist Joop Roelofs with an introduction to the theme and a discussion with the audience after the movie.

Central in this meeting will be the beautiful Chinese movie ‘In The Mood For Love’ (2000)- also known as: ‘Fa Yeung Nin Wa’ or ‘Hua Yang Nian Hua’ from the well known Chinese director Kar Wai Wong and with the stars Maggie Cheung and Tony Leung. This movie is considered as a masterpiece of Kar Wai Wong with sensual pictures and beautiful (classical) music. A must-see film for everybody who loves good Asian cinema!


Set in Hong Kong, 1962, Chow Mo-Wan is a newspaper editor who moves into a new building with his wife. At the same time, Su Li-zhen, a beautiful secretary and her executive husband also move in to the crowded building. With their spouses often away, Chow and Li-zhen spend most of their time together as friends. They have everything in common from noodle shops to martial arts. Soon, they are shocked to discover that their spouses are having an affair. Hurt and angry, they find comfort in their growing friendship even as they resolve not to be like their unfaithful mates.

Location: Dru Cultuurfabriek (Rabo-theater)
Address: Hutteweg 24, 7071 BV Ulft – The Netherlands
13.15 h – Lecture
14.00 h – Start of the movie
Tickets: € 10,00 (lecture and movie) – € 6,00 (only the movie)
More information: Joop Roelofs (psychologist) – phone: 0315-641188
Also: (Dutch website)

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