Yang Yongliang


Black pottery Dou with carved Pattern, Songze Culture, 3800-3200 BC

Bowl of Tapei 5

Sophie Maree proudly presents: Yang Yongliang on the first of March at 16.00

Sophie Maree gallery is pleased to announce the solo-show of Yang Yongliang, a Chinese photographer and multimedia-artist, living and working in Shanghai. Central to his work is the convergence of traditional Chinese Shansui-painting with contemporary photographic stills and animation. 

His background in painting and calligraphy serves neatly in the representation of the fictitious and mythical landscapes in Peach Blossom Colony

Yongliang’s work will on display from 1st of March onwards and is his first solo-show in the Netherlands.

YongLiang has been working on this serie for the past three years, creating serene Chinese mountainous cityscapes in which modern-day elements creep in.  

In Peach Blossom Colony Yongliang subtly refers to ancient Chinese culture in featuring spiritual Buddistic teachers. It makes for a rich, contrasting view of past and present, utopia and dystopia: the viewer is treated to a paradise, but one that is on the precipice of breakdown. 

In An Elegant Assembly of Literati, a group of wise men are congregrating in a building site next to an excavator: how long before this fantastical and tranquil realm is scattered?

Apart from its seemingly spiritual atmosphere, Peach Blossom Colony also critically marks the China of now; the backdrop is filled with booming skyscrapers, a lost car wreck and the ruins of tore down buildings. 

China’s development in high-rise urbanization is parallel to YongLiang’s work: his cityscapes too have grown more prominent over time, detailed and even mythical, as seen in his latest Bowl of Tapei

In this work YongLiang’s cities are floating in traditional ancient bowls of Jingdezhen porcelain. Bowl of Tapei represents again the juxtaposition of old and new China, its manufacturing culture and a touch of surrealism.

YongLiang lives and works in Shanghai. His work is internationally acclaimed and exhibited in various galleries and museums, such as the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City in 2012 and 2014. 

Yongliang’s work has been included in the collection of Saatchi Gallery as well the British Museum. He has won a multitude of awards, such as the London International Awards in 2009.

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