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How Young discovered Yang


William YangInterview by Miki Dai and Hong Tong Wu

William Yang is a storyteller and photographer from Australia. For a long time, Yang had denied his Chinese origin. In Blood Links, he tells about the history of his family. Finally, he embraces he is a Chinese and his Chinese heritage. Listen how the Australian Young discovered his Chinese Yang.

Meet William Yang and his family at:

05 March 2016 – 20:30 Amsterdam, Frascati
08 March 2016 – 20:00 Brugge, Cultuurcentrum
10 March 2016 – 20:15 Den Haag, Theater aan het Spui
15 March 2016 – 20:30 Heerlen, Parkstad Limburg Theaters
17 March 2016 – 20:30 Utrecht, Stadsschouwburg

Museums as storytellers


Qiu Yue and RuoxiMuseums, as agents of social changes, associate with temporal and spatial contradictions. They represent the past, the modern, the “beautiful” and the “damned”, the primitive and what we see as the civilized in today’s society… When we walk into a museum, we walk into an archive of cultural memory. The exhibitions unfold the stories from different social groups often in forms of art. We enjoy visiting a museum not because of the fame of the museum itself, but may simply because of our craving for stories, as if the little child living inside us never loses the curiosity. However the stories we encounter in the museums are not all fairy-tales, as they happen to be history. So how should we, as listeners, be aware of the cultural implications behind the exhibitions? What are the experiences we could share with each other?