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Opportunities for second generation with parents from Hong Kong


img_20161107_190753Do you belong to the second generation of overseas Chinese with parents from Hong Kong? Are you looking for opportunities in Hong Kong? Listen to the interview with Mr Chung-yuk of the Immigration Department of Hong Kong:


Dutch law in Mandarin


David Korzec and Yuxi Nie

Yuxi Nie (CRTV) interviews David Korzec of HIL International Lawers and Advisers about different topics in Dutch law in Mandarin:

欢迎收听荷兰移民法专题采访,本期CRTV 有幸邀请荷兰律师谭大卫向我们分析相关工作移民、技术移民等话题,欢迎大家继续关注我们的采访。

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