Shanren and AM444




Shanren is one of China’s largest indie folk bands of the moment.  Shanren mixes indigenous music with modern styles, and bring this with a variety of traditional instruments such as the Xianzi, Qinqin and Dabiya (four-stringed plucked instruments) and Xianggu and Sun drum (percussion).



AM444 sounds like the Chinese cousin of Björk who meets the Dutch half brother of J Dilla, or Grace Jones makes a boat trip with Little Dragon from England to Shanghai. Diverse and increasingly difficult to put in one genre, but always soulful, dreamy vocals in Chinese and hip-hop, funk and electro driven dubby beats as a thread.

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Chinese talents in The Netherlands


VCWI Talent Forum

Interviews about Chinese talents in The Netherlands with Mr. Zhang Xinmin, Chief of the Science and Technology Office at the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in the Kingdom of The Netherlands and Mr. Zhigang Jin, Chairman of the Vereniging van Chinese Wetenschappers en Ingenieurs in Nederland.

Trade between Taiwan and The Netherlands


I am Qianlong

Interviews with Mr. Tom Chou, Representative of the Taipei Representative Office in The Netherlands, and Mr. Walter M. S. Yeh, Executive Vice President of Taiwan External Trade Development Council, about trade between Taiwan and The Netherlands:

Contemporary Hong Kong art


噓秋奏 Trio of hiss, 水墨設色絹本  Ink and colour on silk, 45cm x 100cm (2015)

噓秋奏 Trio of hiss, 水墨設色絹本 Ink and colour on silk, 45cm x 100cm, 2015

How is artist’s life in Hong Kong? What are the themes of their works? What inspires them? Listen to the interviews with two young artists from Hong Kong: Zaffer Sui-ying Chan and Kensou Kwun Ting Ho.

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2015 Yachting Shanghai


Yacht 1

2015 Yachting Shanghai, the international marine festival, will take place from July 8th till 12th. Ms Shining Lee, curator of 2015 Yachting Shanghai, says the following (Mandarin, English translation below):

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Dutch law in Mandarin


David Korzec and Yuxi Nie

Yuxi Nie (CRTV) interviews David Korzec of HIL International Lawers and Advisers about different topics in Dutch law in Mandarin:

欢迎收听荷兰移民法专题采访,本期CRTV 有幸邀请荷兰律师谭大卫向我们分析相关工作移民、技术移民等话题,欢迎大家继续关注我们的采访。

  • immigration (移民):
  • corporate (商业):

Women’s rights in the Netherlands and China


Gender equality

During the second China-Netherlands Dialogue project focusing on women’s rights, we have interviewed Pei Yuxin, Chinese professor of sociology, Guo Jianmei, founder of Women’s Legal Research and Service Center and Manya Koetse, editor of WhatsonWeibo. What challenges are women facing? How can women learn more about their rights? Let’s listen to voices from both the Netherlands and China!

在第二届中荷对话项目中,针对此次中国女性权益保护的主题,我们有幸采访了荷兰WhatsonWeibo网站主编Manya Koetse, 中国女性权益知名学者裴谕新教授,中国公益律师郭建梅女士,当今女性面临哪些问题?女性如何进一步认识自我权益?敬请聆听她们就女性问题的分析。欢迎大家届时收听!

Pei Yuxin

Pei Yuxin is a one of the most authoritative academic representatives on women’s rights and sexuality and a well-known voice in the media. Pei Yuxin is associate professor of the Department of Sociology and Social Work of Sun Yat-sen University in China and Fulbright Visiting Scholar at the University of Southern California.

Guo Jianmei

Guo Jianmei is the director and co-founder of the Women’s Legal Research and Service Center. She has provided thousands of people with legal services on a variety of issues ranging from discrimination in the workplace to divorce, often working pro bono. For her efforts, she received the Global Leadership Award in the US in 2007 and the Simone de Beauvoir Prize of France in 2010.

Manya Koetse

Manya Koetse is a China-expert and the editor of, providing cultural, historical and political insights into trending topics on China’s social media. In her articles and academic work she focuses on Sino-Japanese relations, social media in China and gender issues.