How could Confucianism improve our lives?


Tu WeimingWhat is left of the Confucian virtues in China? To what extend will China westernize? How does Confucianism limit individual freedom? Listen to CRTVs interview with professor Tu Weiming of Peking University!


Tourism from China


Tourism from China has increased rapidly. How could you attract more Chinese tourists? How could you work with Alibaba to promote your products and services? What will be the future developments of tourism from China? Listen to CRTVs interviews with:

Robert Li

Mr. Robert Li (professor at Temple University in Philadelphia):


Eddie Yang

Mr. Eddie Yang (director China of the Netherlands Board of Tourism and Conventions):

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Alex Kan

Alex是在荷兰的加勒比地区的的St Maarten长大的华裔年轻企业家。受到了父母家族企业的熏陶,他从小就志气满满。在提前完成了美国大学的医学课程后,他选择放弃医学及父母经营的生意,在2010年只身一人来荷兰闯荡。他灵敏的商业嗅觉让他决定创办一家以面向华人个人和公司的快递logistic公司,以此支持正以爆炸式崛起的E-commerce。Alex的NL Express的规模由2013年的一人,发展到目前的50多人。近期正在完成企业合并,开始更泛欧及国际性得成长。Alex很健谈也很爱好茶。


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Taiwanese rockband The Chairman


The Chairman

Taiwanese rockband The Chairman gave their first concerts in Europe. We interviewed the band just before their performance in Amsterdam tonight.

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Classical music 古典音乐


Siqing Lu 吕思清 (violinist 小提琴)

Siqing Lu 吕思清 (violinist 小提琴)

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Chinese jazz singer Lan Lan


Photo of Lan LanYesterday evening, Chinese jazz singer Lan Lan gave a concert in De Doelen in Rotterdam. She covered some golden classic songs of among others Teresa Teng. CRTV interviewed Lan Lan just before her performance.

Listen to three of her covered songs at the concert (live, unplugged) accompanied by her pianist Luo Jing Tian.

How Young discovered Yang


William YangInterview by Miki Dai and Hong Tong Wu

William Yang is a storyteller and photographer from Australia. For a long time, Yang had denied his Chinese origin. In Blood Links, he tells about the history of his family. Finally, he embraces he is a Chinese and his Chinese heritage. Listen how the Australian Young discovered his Chinese Yang.

Meet William Yang and his family at:

05 March 2016 – 20:30 Amsterdam, Frascati
08 March 2016 – 20:00 Brugge, Cultuurcentrum
10 March 2016 – 20:15 Den Haag, Theater aan het Spui
15 March 2016 – 20:30 Heerlen, Parkstad Limburg Theaters
17 March 2016 – 20:30 Utrecht, Stadsschouwburg