Shenzhen: the incubator of global innovation?


Keynote: "China and the World" by David Li

Keynote: “China and the World” by David Li

Interview and photo’s by Miki Dai

The two-day conference ThingsCon was held in Amsterdam. The event attracted experts on the Internet of Things (IoT), software developers, (industrial) designers, entrepreneurs and enthusiasts from all over Europe.

David Li, the founder of the Shenzhen Open Innovation Lab, was invited to give a lively lecture. David showed an interesting tour through Shenzhen, the world’s largest hardware production city: from the crazy electronic components street market, the explosive growth of the balance car, to France’s second-largest smartphone sales company Wiko. CRTV had the privilege of an exclusive interview with the person walking ahead of the new waves of the IoT & the connected-devises.

From left to right: Miki Dai, David Li and Hong Tong Wu

From left to right: Miki Dai, David Li and Hong Tong Wu



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