The Vintage


Donna Chu teaches at the Chinese University Hong Kong. She is specialised in digital media, youth culture and media education. Donna Chu made the film The Vintage about the dreams of a student and his father in Hong Kong. This film was screened in the central library of Amsterdam on 11th of October.

Listen to CRTV’s with Donna Chu about her film and the current situation in Hong Kong.

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When it comes to good life, Gordon seems to know better than most others in Hong Kong. Running a small wine shop in a quiet corner in bustling Kowloon City, he manages to live a life at his own pace. Savoring the here and now, Gordon is never keen about changes, yet the time has come for him to turn a new page.

In the midst of chaos, here comes a rare opportunity for Gordon to fix his relationship with his son Sam. Sam seeks help from Gordon in setting up a wine appreciation club in the university. It brings Gordon into a campus where he stumbles upon his own youth. Taking a reflective stroll down memory lane, the father and son come to terms with dreams, memory and leading a good life in our times.

Director’s Statement
“I used to dream of becoming a film director when I was a child. Like most childhood dreams, this one did not get through and with (or without) many coincidences, I become a university teacher in communication. Having worked in two Hong Kong universities for the past decade, I have much to say about university students and higher education. When I made my birthday wish two years ago, I decided that I should not put my dream on hold forever and I should make a film on a topic which I strongly feel about. This is how The Vintage has come by. As an independent film, the budget is of course very tight. Yet with the generous support from my students and colleagues at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, I am lucky enough to finish this 90-minute work in two years. It will serve as a reminder of dreams, passion and courage, and I hope to dedicate this gift to young people who are yet to find their own paths.”

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