Greenpeace in East Asia



by Liyen Siaw

Our guest is Kim Schoppink, campaign leader for Greenpeace East Asia. She has worked for Green Peace for eight years now.  Kim has lived in Thailand for 1,5 years and she felt in love with Asia. When she saw the vacancy for Greenpeace Taiwan, she knew this was the job for her. From February 2012 till February 2013 she got the opportunity to work for Greenpeace Taiwan. Greenpeace East Asia first office opened ten years ago in Hong Kong, shortly followed by an office in Beijing, Taipei and Soeul.  Greenpeace East Asia focuses on similar topics as in the Netherlands, like agriculture, toxic pollution and oceans.

In one year Kim focused on the overfishing of tuna by Taiwanese fisherman. In Taiwan they actually don’t eat a lot of tuna. The tuna which has been caught are being shipped to Japan where they make sushi of it. Or to the US and Europe where they are sold in cans. Because Taiwan doesn’t see the tuna coming in, they haven’t noticed how big this problem was. Greenpeace helps by educating the Taiwanese people about it and requesting fishermen to use pole line fishing instead of fleet with large nets. Overfishing of tuna disturbs the whole ecosystem, since tuna is eaten by other animals. Fleet with large nets also threatens other sea animals like turtles and dolphins, because they are caught in these nets and die. Greenpeac e also informs countries in Europe and US about the advantages of buying more sustainable tuna.

You can support Greenpeace by becoming a volunteer through or by donating.

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