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World Cinema Amsterdam


KnifeIntheClearWater 2_RWKnife in the clear water

A glimpse into the life of the Chinese Hui. Elderly farmer Ma Zishan feels pressured to slaughter his only bull to pay for his deceased wife’s mourning ceremony. But he really loves the old animal. As if it senses its destiny, the bull stops eating.

RIALTO: SUN AUG 20: 21.00h

KnifeIntheClearWater 1


The Net

A compelling story of suspicion and distrust. A simple North Korean fisherman accidentally drifts into South Korean waters. He is immediately arrested and taken to Seoul where he is subjected to endless interrogations. All he wants is to return home to his family.
RIALTO: TUE AUG 22 19.00h film preceded by a special programme in corporation with De Balie | WED AUG 23 18.45h
DE BALIE: THU AUG 24 21.00h

Film My Father’s Choice


My Father's Choice

The small-scale story of the father and family of director Yan Ting Yuen told within the context of the vast history of China and the Chinese diaspora. Her father led three very different lives: one in Dapeng, China, one in Hong Kong, and one in the Netherlands. Were these all his own choices or was he merely drawn into the vortex of history?

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CinemAsia On Tour



After the 10th edition of its main festival in Amsterdam, the CinemAsia Film Festival 荷蘭亞洲電影節 goes to KINO Rotterdam on 6th and 7th of May. In KINO’s CinemAsia weekend, filmlovers can enjoy a special selection from contemporary Asian cinema with feature films from China, Korea, Japan, India, Indonesia and the Philippines. There’s also a made in Holland section with Asian diaspora stories about Dutch-Asian identity, produced by young filmmakers. Besides the film screenings, the audience in Rotterdam can also sing their hearts out at Rainbow Karaoke and explore their taste of Asia from KINO’s fabulous bar and kitchen.

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China, The Rise of an Empire


Mysteries of China 1

Omniversum, Pres. Kennedylaan 5, Den Haag from 16 May!

China, The Rise of an Empire captures one of the great archaeological events in modern times, telling the story of ancient China, the First Emperor, and the literal foundation of the China we know today. Starting with modern China and springing back as we seek the birth of this mighty nation, we talk of an ancient time when a fierce warrior brought together a warring nation, and how an accidental discovery changed everything we know about China’s past.

It happened in 1974, when farmers, digging a well in Xi’an, stumbled upon one of the greatest archaeological finds the world had ever discovered – the Terracotta Warriors and the Tomb of the First Emperor. The Terracotta Warriors offer a unique time capsule into the past, revealing many things about the very founding of this great country, which we use to tell a larger story of the growth of China into a true superpower.

From modern China, to ancient China, and back again, the film is a visual adventure, using beautiful aerial photography and cutting-edge time-lapse techniques to reveal great majesty, tragedy, splendor and growth, in a nation that continues to excel quickly into the future.

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CinemAsia Film Festival on Tour 2016


cinemasia-on-tour-2016This fall, CinemAsia Film Festival goes on tour to the brand new KINO theatre in Rotterdam. On Saturday October 22nd, during KINO’s opening weekend, CinemAsia presents a special selection of contemporary Asian cinema productions. The program includes feature films from Taiwan, Korea and Indonesia. Attention is also being paid to stories about the Dutch-Asian identity by young filmmakers in our Made in Holland section. In addition, the audience can also see the exhibition ‘Queers of Hong Kong’ by Joe Lam (HK) and enjoy delicious Asian food.

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Hong Kong film Ten Years


TEN YEARS is an omnibus film, in which five directors show what life will be like in Hong Kong in ten years. One of the directors, Kwok Zune will join us at the screenings for live Q&As.

RW_Ten Years_5-minIt’s been almost 20 years since authority over Hong Kong passed from Britain to China. China promised not to interfere with Hong Kong’s liberal way of life, though eventually that’s exactly what the Chinese authorities did. Made on a shoestring budget, Ten Years comprises five short films by five directors in which they express their fears for the future in five stories all set in a rather dystopian 2025.

Political conspiracies, crime and murder (Zune Kwok’s Extras), the disappearance of the Hong Kong culture and language (Wong Fei-pang’s Season of the End and Jevons Au’s Dialect respectively), the recruitment of children for the secret police (Ng Ka-leung’s Local Egg) and performing the ultimate sacrifice (Chow Kwun-Wai’s Self-Immolator) – all subjects that perfectly reflect Hong Kong’s current zeitgeist. Authorities in Beijing were not amused and have imposed a high penalty on downloading and disseminating the film.

DE BALIE: TUE 23 AUG – 21.00h (with Q&A)
RIALTO: THU 25 AUG – 21.15h (with Q&A) | SAT 27 AUG – 19.00h (with Q&A)