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2nd Chungju International Martial Arts and Action Film Festival


Held for the first time in August last year in Cheongju and Chungju in a significant success as the only film festival in martial arts and modern action genre in Korea, the inaugural Chungju International Martial Arts and Action Film Festival was applauded by many martial arts and action film fans.     

Due to the impact of COVID-19 pandemic, period of the 2nd Festival is postponed from August to October, and films will be screened both online and offline via Wavve, an online screening platform, as well as at drive-in theaters and cinemas in the city. And, for safety and comfortable viewing of the audience, the Executive Committee of the Festival is taking all necessary preventive measures against the epidemic.         

To enhance unique identity of the Chungju International Martial Arts and Action Film Festival, the Executive Committee recently redesigned its emblem based on the three-legged crow, an auspicious bird in imagination. The new emblem is arranged with formative characteristics of film that symbolize movies along with a symbol of the three-legged crow. It expresses materialization of phantasies into films.          

The official poster of the Festival is created based on three keywords; dynamicity, continuity and availability. It is designed with an intention to create an identity of the Festival that satisfies all of these key words – dynamicity that represents martial arts with kinesthesia and sense of beating which touches the heart, continuity which represents rolls of films that are created by connecting numerous image cuts and the film festival that is continued every year, and availability that can be flexibly used at various contact points which apprise of the film festival, while maintaining consistency.         

폐막작 The man from Kathmandu
폐막작 The man from Kathmandu

Under the slogan of ‘The Spirit of Martial Arts, Blossom into a Movie’, a large number of martial arts and action films, which are yet to be introduced in Korea, will be shown in collaboration in programs with other international film festivals in martial arts and action genre, including ‘The Fighting Spirit Film Festival’ in the United Kingdom and the ‘Universal Martial Arts Film Festival’ in France.  

And the Festival will screen more than 70 martial arts and action films from many countries, including ‘Fist of Fury’ and ‘The Way of the Dragon’ featured by Bruce Lee, the icon of action, as well as family action films that can be enjoyed altogether by family members. These works will be shown in 6 sections, such as ‘Korean Action Films: Hall of Fame’, ‘Special Show in Honor of Bruce Lee’, ‘World Action Films’, ‘Action! Indi-days’, ‘Family Action Films’, and ‘Programmer Choice’.   

As the opening film to be unveiled for the first time in the world (world premiere) at the forthcoming Festival, ‘Dragon Inn’, which looks like an ordinary Chinese restaurant, deals with story of a civil militia that serves justice on cases in which justice couldn’t be served by the judicial authority. This film is produced by Director Choi Sang-hun who directed ‘The Therapist Fist of Tae-baek’ which was nominated as one of competitors in the Korean Fantastic Category at the 24th Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival.

Honored with the award for best direction, award for best actor and audience award at the Rincon International Film Festival, the closing film ‘The Man from Kathumandu’ directed by Director Pema Dhondup will be screened for the first time in Korea (Korea premiere).    

Featuring anecdotes of a Nepal-ancestored main figure who visited Kathumandu to look for his father, the film depicts his experiences in contacting his country’s tradition, culture and root.      

Kim Yun-sik, Senior Programmer, said that the Chungju International Martial Arts and Action Film Festival selected a world premiere film and a Korea premiere work as the opening and closing film, respectively, because it aims to demonstrate its direction growing as an internationally competitive film festival that discovers and publicizes diversified martial arts and action films hidden in each country.         

Having been organized in June this year, the Executive Committee of the Chungju International Martial Arts and Action Film Festival has been working on preparation for the Festival. Director Lee Du-yong who led growth and transformation of the film industry in Korea in the 1970s and 1980s with works, including ‘The Last Witness’ and ‘The Hut’, was elected as the Chairman of the Executive Committee following last year and Prof. Kim Gyeong-sik at Cheongju University was named as the Vice Chairman of the Committee. In addition, a host of prominent specialists who are active in a range of film and culture fields joined as members of the Committee. New committee members include Jo Dong-gwan, President of Korea Society of Cinematographers; Jo Chang-hi, Director of Korea Culture and Arts Management Research Institute; Ahn Tae-geun, President of Korea Bruce Lee Foundation; Jeong Seong-il, film critic; Jang Cheol-su, film director; Pak Hyo-geun, President of Chungju Chapter of Federation of Korea Filmmakers; Kim Yong-cheol, division director at SBS; and Kim Dong-won, Vice President of Taewon Entertainment. And those who were entrusted again this year include Prof. Lee Se-chang at Far East University who led last year’s festival in a stable manner; Kim Woo-seok, an action actor who is well known as ‘Bruce Khan’; and Kim Eun-seob, President of Korea Savate Federation.         

Actor Oh Ji-ho was designated as the honorary ambassador for the Festival this year. Oh Ji-ho demonstrated impressive actions in daily soap operas ‘Fantastic Couple’ in MBC TV and ‘The Slave Hunters’ in KBS2 channel, and he showed splendid actions in films, ‘The Prisoner’ and ‘The Therapist Fist of Tae-baek’, this year. Having featured in the opening film, ‘Dragon Inn’, he is closely related to the Festival, and he is expected to actively take part in a variety of publicity activities for the Festival.          More information on the Chungju International Martial Arts and Action Film Festival is available at its website (, official YouTube channel and SNS.

The Small Town: A Modern Chinese Theatre


The Small Town

After 30 years away a wealthy businessman returns to a small town in Jiangsu Province, China. He is here on a mission to find the man who rescued him all those years ago and to show his gratitude with a gift of 5 million Yuan.
News of the businessman’s intentions spreads fast. Qin, the mayor of the small town, calls Teacher Zhu for help in finding the missing hero. But after days of searching no trace of the man or information about the rescue itself can be found. Too much has changed in the intervening years. Teacher Zhu and his wife Xue face a dilemma; should they continue in their search for the mysterious man or should they take advantage of the situation and the 5 million Yuan fortune.

Jiangsu Huai Opera has been travelling with this story throughout China in the past two years and has created a new wave of discussions in the theatrical world in China.

Time: 19:30 – 21:30 (Drinks & Lecture-ticket control at 18:30)
Date: 26 April
Place: DeLaMar Theater, Amsterdam
Price: EUR 14,90 Ends on 26 March
EUR 19.90 (2nd-Tier) After 26 March
EUR 24,90 (1st- Tier) After 26 March

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Film Ash is Purest White


Ash is Purest WhiteQiao is verliefd de lokale bendebaas Bin. Wanneer hij in een hinderlaag wordt gelokt, redt ze hem door een illegaal wapen af te vuren. Qiao wordt veroordeeld tot vijf jaar gevangenisstraf. Wanneer ze wordt vrijgelaten, gaat ze direct weer op zoek naar Bin om hun oude leven op te pakken. De vraag is of zijzelf en het land in de tussentijd niet te veel zijn veranderd.

Zhao Tao en Liao Fan spelen de hoofdrollen in Ash Is Purest White van de Chinese regisseur Jia Zhangke (Mountains May Depart, A Touch of Sin). Het misdaaddrama weet met een aangrijpend liefdesverhaal tegelijk een verhelderend beeld te schetsen van de veranderingen in wereldmacht China. De internationale première was in de hoofdcompetitie van het Festival de Cannes, waar de film meedong naar de Palme d’Or. Continue reading

CinemAsia Film Festival 2019


first night nervesVan 5-10 maart beleeft het CinemAsia Film Festival haar 12de editie in de filmtheaters Kriterion, Rialto, LAB111 en in NEVERNEVERLAND in Amsterdam. Een week lang maak je een filmische reis naar 14 Aziatische bestemmingen: China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, India, Indonesië, Maleisië, Singapore, Thailand, de Filippijnen, Vietnam, en ook Canada, de VS en Nederland. Dit jaar tonen we meer Chineestalige fims dan ooit tevoren: maar liefst 20 Chinese producties uit de in totaal 40 films!

Onze kleurrijke mix van prijswinnende blockbusters, art-house films en documentaires biedt betoverende verhalen over liefde, food, familie, comedy, actie, martial arts, horror en meer. Er is voor ieder wat wils.

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CinemAsia Lunar New YearGet ready for the Spring Festival! Time to clean up the house! Put up those good fortune decorations! And what about the food? Whether you celebrate the Lunar New Year according to customs of Chinese chunjie, Korean Seollal, or Vietnamese Tết, the Spring Festival is essentially a time for family and friends to be reunited again. Even in Japan, where they have officially switched over to the western (solar) calender since the Meiji period (1873), in certain areas like Okinawa, the Lunar New Year is still celebrated as Ryukyuan.

To lift your festive mood, CinemAsia is hosting a Lunar New Year Event with a sneak preview of Korean film Little Forest on 10 February at Kriterion Cinema in Amsterdam. The audience can also enjoy Korean comfort food by Korean Kitchen, video-art by Chinese artist Louis Hothothot and music by DJ Tjobo Kho. Little Forest is adapted from the wildly popular Japanese manga & 4-part TV series. The Korean film version is a healing journey about going home, enjoying mother’s cooking and eating the pure food of the land. In a festive period when one is tempted to binge eat, the “farm-to-table” concept reminds us of the blessings of simplicity in life. This inspiring film is also a promise of what’s to come in the 12th edition of the CinemAsia Film Festival from 5-10 March in Amsterdam.

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Rotterdam staat een week lang in het teken van Rotterdam Chinese New Year


Photographer Evert Buitendijk

Photographer Evert Buitendijk

Rode kleuren, knallend vuurwerk, culturele optredens, geuren en kleuren uit de Chinese keuken, Leeuwendansers, de Chinese draak, lampionnen, knutselen en lezingen. In de week van Rotterdam Chinese New Year is er van alles te beleven, voor jong en oud. Op maandag 4 februari trappen we af met het Jaar van het Varken. De zodiac van 2019, die als beeld op verschillende plekken, zoals De Beurstraverse en De Markthal, terug te zien zal zijn in het straatbeeld. Op zaterdag 9 februari het hoogtepunt op- en rondom de West-Kruiskade. Het Wijkpark Oude Westen wordt omgetoverd tot Chinese foodcourt met optredens, heerlijk eten en kinderactiviteiten. Zoals altijd is de viering gratis toegankelijk.

De viering is een feest voor alle culturen en leeftijden uit de stad. Vanaf maandag is de vlaggenparade te bezichtigen aan de Boompjes. Op woensdag en donderdag kunnen er workshops en lezingen worden gevolgd op de Erasmus Universiteit, tijdens China in Focus van de Chinese Student Association. Op 9 februari is er een kooktheater, waar men kennis kan maken met de (soms spannende of gekke) bijzonderheden uit Chinese en Aziatische keuken. Er is een traditionele hotpot (fondue) bij Verhalenhuis Belvédère op zondag 10 februari. Zaterdag 9 februari is ook de bekende traditionele openingsceremonie. Samen met Wethouder Kasmi worden de ogen van de Chinese leeuw ingekleurd en kan deze leeuw aan zijn, bekende en veel bezochte, tocht langs de ondernemers beginnen. Diezelfde avond is er een spectaculaire vuurwerkshow als afsluiter om 19:55 uur. Die hele zaterdag is ook het evenemententerrein in Wijkpark Oude Westen open.   

Wanneer?  4 t/m 10 februari 2019
Waar?        Verschillende locaties in Rotterdam   
Toegang:   Gratis
Meer info:,