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China Pavilion @Amsterdam Dance Event @ VLLA
Oct 22 @ 13:00 – Oct 23 @ 03:00

pyro-ade-poster-designRecently Dutch techno live act Kamara played 25+ gigs all over China. Therefore they now invite the most talented DJ’s & live acts from China incl. 3D mapping with Chinese visuals. Get a real close insight on the current underground electronic music scene in lively China. We start early at 1pm for networking, great Chinese food and music. Meet & Greet in the early afternoon with Chinese club owners, festival organisers, labels, radio stations and music platforms like Pyro Music. PYRO Music is a recently established electronic music platform that combines some of the best features from the world’s leading music streaming services, and a brand new concept enabling East to connect to West. PYRO was born to give a generation of Chinese not only access to the biggest dance record labels and DJs around the world, but to also enable you to change the way you listen, create and share your own style of electronic dance music. PYRO is widely used in China by many top DJs to discover new music and share their own music on the platform. Line-up:

Acid Rabbit Bass Guo Jasmine Li Mickey Zhang MIIIA ouyang punx rainbow-high tsrp weng-weng

China’s Van Goghs
Nov 20 @ 17:45 – 19:15

China's Van Goghs

Until 1989, the village of Dafen in the city of Shenzhen, China was little more than a hamlet. It now has a population of 10,000, including hundreds of peasants-turned oil painters. In the many studios, and even in the alleyways, Dafen’s painters turn out thousands of replicas of world-famous Western paintings. Nobody thinks anything of an order for 200 Van Goghs. To meet their deadlines, painters sleep on the floor between clotheslines strung with masterpieces. In 2015, the turnover in painting sales was over $65 million. Directors Haibo and Kiki Tianqi Yu followed one of the painters, Xiaoyong Zhao. He and his family have painted around 100,000 Van Goghs. After all these years, Zhao feels a deep affinity with Van Gogh. He traveled to Europe to see the original works at the Van Gogh Museum, and to visit one of his best clients, an Amsterdam art dealer. This debut film is a fascinating, at times picturesque portrait of a village where artists pursue their dreams, but also have them shattered.

Film + dance Soul Mate 七月與安生 @ Kriterion
Feb 17 @ 21:00 – 23:30

Soul MateSamen met Kriterion Amsterdam, organiseert CinemAsia deze Special Screening van SOUL MATE met na afloop een lekkere dansavond om het Chinees Nieuwjaar te vieren.

“Soul Mate“ 七月與安生 (Hong Kong/China, 2016) van Derek Tsang 曾国祥
Wanneer Ansen (ZHOU Dongyu) haar oude vlam Jia-ming (LI Cheng-bin) tegen het lijf loopt, vertelt hij haar over ‘Soul Mate’: een online, autobiografische serie over de vroegere vriendschap van Ansen met auteur July (MA Sichun). Als Ansen de serie begint te lezen, wordt ze overspoeld met onderdrukte, emotionele herinneringen uit twee decennia van haar leven.
Ondanks dat zij tegenpolen waren, leken de opstandige Ansen en de bescheiden July voorbestemd om beste vriendinnen voor het leven te blijven. Sinds hun dertiende levensjaar waren zij door een onafscheidelijke band gelieerd. Aan deze intimiteit komt een abrupt einde als Jia-Ming in hun levens treed. Zij worden een hechte drie-eenheid die hun verdere levens op de meeste onverwachte en tragische manier zal beïnvloeden.

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