The Small Town: A Modern Chinese Theatre


The Small Town

After 30 years away a wealthy businessman returns to a small town in Jiangsu Province, China. He is here on a mission to find the man who rescued him all those years ago and to show his gratitude with a gift of 5 million Yuan.
News of the businessman’s intentions spreads fast. Qin, the mayor of the small town, calls Teacher Zhu for help in finding the missing hero. But after days of searching no trace of the man or information about the rescue itself can be found. Too much has changed in the intervening years. Teacher Zhu and his wife Xue face a dilemma; should they continue in their search for the mysterious man or should they take advantage of the situation and the 5 million Yuan fortune.

Jiangsu Huai Opera has been travelling with this story throughout China in the past two years and has created a new wave of discussions in the theatrical world in China.

Time: 19:30 – 21:30 (Drinks & Lecture-ticket control at 18:30)
Date: 26 April
Place: DeLaMar Theater, Amsterdam
Price: EUR 14,90 Ends on 26 March
EUR 19.90 (2nd-Tier) After 26 March
EUR 24,90 (1st- Tier) After 26 March



消息不胫而走。小镇的秦镇长打电话求助聪明又受尊敬的朱老师。经过多天的搜寻, 他们未找到任何线索。这几十年里小镇的变化翻天覆地,物换星移。与此同时,朱老师和他的妻子也因为儿子在省城急需资金不知所措,在他们做出了艰难的抉择后,事情的发展却完全超乎想象……
《小镇》由江苏省淮剧团演出。这是一部完整的中国舞台戏曲作品, 由传统戏曲音乐伴奏,以地方戏淮剧形式演绎。近两年来, 江苏省淮剧团带着这部剧已成功在全国巡演了一百多场,观演观众近二十万人。这部颇有争议的剧目在中国舞台表演界掀起了一轮新的讨论。
演出时间: 19:30 – 21:30 (18:30讲座检票)
演出日期: 4月26日
演出地点:阿姆斯特丹 DeLaMar Theater
票价: 早鸟票 14,90欧元,3月26日以前购买。
上上座 24,90欧元,3月26日以后购买。
普通座 19,90欧元,3月26日以后购买。
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