Jacky Cheung “A Classic Tour” 張學友經典世界巡迴演唱會


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“A CLASSIC TOUR” Jacky Cheung World Tour Concert in Europe
For the first time ever in Chinese pop music’s history, Jacky Cheung will bring his full
production including a 32-piece orchestra and a state of the art 360-degree stage to the
prestigious SSE Arena in London and Accor Hotels Arena in Paris. It’s been 16 years since
Jacky Cheung last performed in Europe, making this concert one of the most anticipated
events of the past decade amongst the Chinese in Europe. From breath taking visual effects to
talented stage performers and musicians, to Jacky’s nostalgic classic song list, the production
team has committed to bring the best experience to the audience in Europe.
Jacky Cheung, known as one of “Four Heavenly Kings” in the Hong Kong pop music
industry, has produced many classic hits since the 80’s, some of which are still hugely
popular in China and South East Asia. His unique magnetic voice and his dedication towards
music made him known as the “God of Songs” in the Chinese music industry. The “A
CLASSIC TOUR” Concert will bring 40 of Jacky’s greatest hits to the European audience
spanning a total of three hours of pure entertainment including some of his top hit songs such
as “The Goodbye Kiss”, “Blessing”, “Slowly”, “Thousands of Sad Reasons”, “This Is Not
Love”, etc. At the same time, Jacky will also bring some exclusive side-tracks such as
“Unconsciously” and “Spring Breeze and Fall Rain”;.
“A CLASSIC TOUR” is the biggest world tour concert that Jacky Cheung has made in 35
years! The entire team consists of more than 200 staff members, who will replicate the exact
same unprecedented high level of production equivalent to his stadium concerts in China and
other overseas markets and bring this to Europe. The 360-degree stage will be transported all
the way from China to Europe. Together with LED screens that spread across 2500~3000
square meters, the production team will bring the best stage visual experience that is bound to
create a concert scene called “Dance of the Palace”. In the meantime, Jacky Cheung will
continue his tradition in live concerts of “Not using any teleprompters for lyrics, original key
and starting the show on time”.

A Classic Tour張學友經典世界巡迴演唱會2018年11月23日(倫敦) 及2018年11月28日
張學友攜32人大型樂團和360度超立體四面舞台空降歐洲,將在倫敦市的SSE Arena
及巴黎市內最大演出場館AccorHotels Arena(原Bercy Arena)為歌迷呈現不同凡響
啟用最精良的製作,演唱會已經創立了 “未開唱,已經典” 的口碑!
張學友,作為香港樂壇 “四大天王” 之一,他的歌曲經久不衰,廣為傳唱,至今仍是KTV
華語樂壇的 “歌神” 。此次A CLASSIC TOUR 學友·經典演唱會將持續三小時,40首歌,
“A CLASSIC TOUR學友·經典” 是張學友出道35年來最大製作的一次世界巡演!整個
的舞台視覺感受,勢必打造堪稱 “殿堂級舞美” 的演唱會現場。同時,張學友將延續實
力歌神演唱會傳統,演唱會不設提詞器,不降key,準時開唱, 以他一貫的自帶 “杜比
環繞音效” 以及超越CD的現場演繹,為歌迷們誠意奉獻經典。A CLASSIC TOUR喚醒

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