Holland Baroque & Wu Wei


Wu Wei

Holland Baroque likes to share the stage with playful, inspiring musicians. Composer and
improviser Wu Wei is such a musician.

Wu Wei can do everything with the sheng. This Chinese mouth organ that represents
three thousand years of Chinese music culture is a miracle of harmony, melody and
rhythmic possibilities.

What would have happened if this wonderful instrument had found its way through the
Silk Road to Venice, or to the remote places Telemann visited during his travels through
Central Europe? What stories would Vivaldi or Telemann have told with it?

Holland Baroque and Wu Wei connect the beautiful sheng sound with baroque music and
show that old traditions and exotic instruments can produce new stories.

Old music does not exist. The music is only finished when you play it. We are looking
forward to meet with this unique sound virtuoso.

Purcell, Bach, Vivaldi, Telemann, Wu Wei
Sat 18 Nov – ‘s-Hertogenbosch , Muziekcentrum De Toonzaal
Sun 19 Nov – Zeist, Slot Zeist
Wed 22 Nov – Utrecht, TivoliVredenburg
Thu 23 Nov – Leiden, Stadsgehoorzaal,
Fri 24 Nov – Amsterdam, Muziekgebouw aan ‘t IJ

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