Old crafts, new design from China


Bampo bambooThe Chinese bag brand, Bampo, is making its debut on the European market with an exhibition at the Museum of Bags and Purses between 27 June and 24 September 2017. Bampo has been translating traditional Chinese culture and crafts into modern designs for twenty years. Bampo’s mission is to contribute to preserving Chinese culture and passing it on to future generations. The items that will soon be on display at the Museum of Bags and Purses represent an important aspect of Chinese culture and philosophy.

Bampo bamboo 2Traditional craftsmanship vs modern design

Huang Lang and Xie Xiaorui founded the brand in 1997. The designers translate their love of Chinese culture into unique bags. At the time, Western design was especially popular in China. Bampo is the first bag brand to use Chinese traditions and culture as the starting point for its modern designs.

Ancient Chinese craftsmanship is reflected in the various collections, such as “Porcelain”, “Bamboo” and “Ink”. This includes ink painting, fine embroidery techniques and paper cutting, for which China has been famous for centuries. For the ˜Ink” collection, for example, the designers paint large pieces of leather using traditional Chinese brushes. Each bag in the Bampo collection is hand-made and unique.

Bampo ink

Chinese symbolism
Symbolism also plays an important role in the design. Bamboo (“Bamboo” collection) grows all year round. Bamboo is strong and does not break easily. In Chinese culture, these properties have traditionally been highly valued as a sign of honesty and perseverance.

“We have a great deal of respect for the passion that the Museum of Bags and Purses shares with its visitors and its dedication to the history of bags in Europe. Our mission is to contribute to preserving Chinese culture and to pass it on to future generations. Here, we see a shared passion and mission with the Museum of Bags and Purses.” Bampo

Bampo porcelain

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