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After the 10th edition of its main festival in Amsterdam, the CinemAsia Film Festival 荷蘭亞洲電影節 goes to KINO Rotterdam on 6th and 7th of May. In KINO’s CinemAsia weekend, filmlovers can enjoy a special selection from contemporary Asian cinema with feature films from China, Korea, Japan, India, Indonesia and the Philippines. There’s also a made in Holland section with Asian diaspora stories about Dutch-Asian identity, produced by young filmmakers. Besides the film screenings, the audience in Rotterdam can also sing their hearts out at Rainbow Karaoke and explore their taste of Asia from KINO’s fabulous bar and kitchen.

During KINO’s CinemAsia weekend of 6th and 7th May, CinemAsia’s eclectic program contains the following films:

CinemAsia FilmLAB shorts (The Netherlands, 2017) | Saturday 6 May 15:00

The program starts in the afternoon with the screening of three Asian diaspora short films by young filmmakers produced in CinemAsia’s own FilmLAB:

pricetag1PRICETAG 價錢牌by Myrthe Nymph Wai韋念: the 29-year-old Jeffrey Chen works as a shop assistant in a Chinese supermarket. One thing he has learned there is that ‘everything has a price’. His childhood sweetheart is the 27-year-old Annie Lin. She comes from a traditional, wealthy Chinese family with strict parents. Annie and Jeffrey are already engaged for about two years, but Jeffrey did not have enough money to meet the demands of his parents-in-law.

LIEFDE by Enang Wattimena: documentary on the family story of the main character. He remembers a mysterious family photograph of his ancestors, a wealthy family in the Dutch East Indies. The picture also contains his great grandmother, the earth mother of his mother’s family, a woman from Aceh. Then it seems that she was clipped from the original picture. Many questions arise. This is the start of his quest for the many faces of love.

DINNER TIME (world premier) by Josscy Vallaza Aartsen: the Indonesian Ricky (10) and the Dutch Emma (10) are playing together at Emma’s home in the living room. They are having fun and lose track of time. When Emma’s mum calls, they know what time it is. DINNERTIME.

LIPSTICK UNDER MY BHURKA (India, 2016) by Alankrita Shrivastave | Saturday 6 May 16:30
CinemAsia Audience Award – Winner Best Feature Film 2017
Not every protagonist wears a burkha in this Indian feminist comedy, but the film’s title serves as an extraordinarily apt metaphor nonetheless. LIPSTICK UNDER MY BHURKA’s four female leads all differ in age, profession and even religion, but are united in their secretive undermining of the norms of a still predominantly male-centered India. This uplifting comedy, banned in India, celebrates the rebellious acts, both big and small, of four women who are much more independent than one might initially perceive.

SALAWAKU (Indonesia, 2016) by Pritagita Arianegara| | Saturday 6 May 19:00.
When ten-year-old orphan Salawaku embarks on a journey to find his missing sister Binaiya, he does so unaware of the fact that she does not actually want to be found. During his adventure across the beautiful Moluccan Seram Island he encounters a different woman who purposefully left her life behind. He meets Sara on a remote part of the isle and learns that she’s saddened by her recent breakup. The unlikely duo decide to team up, perhaps driven by the unconscious desire to not just find Salawaku’s lost sister, but also their purpose on this earth.

the-age-of-shadows10THE AGE OF SHADOWS 密探 (Korea, 2016) by Kim Jee-Won | Saturday 6 May, 21:00
In this chic spy-thriller Kim Jee-woon (I SAW THE DEVIL) portrays the freedom fighters of the Heroic Corps and their efforts to free Korea from their Japanese oppressors in the 1920s. A deadly game of cat-and-mouse full of intrigue, danger and deception ensues as the organisation tries to ship explosives from Seoul to Shanghai, whilst dodging Japanese agents hell-bent on clamping down on the resistance. A Korean officer working for the Japanese finds himself in the midst of the conflict. He must choose between his country and his career, in this explosive struggle for the future of Korea.

SUNDAY BEAUTY QUEEN (Philippines, 2016) by Baby Ruth Villarama | Sunday 7 May, 15:00

CinemAsia Audience Award – Winner Best Documentary 2017

This documentary is an obtrusive look into the lives of the actual hard-working Filipino expats in Hong Kong. The majority of these 190.000 documented domestic workers only have Sundays off, which makes it even more surprising that some of them choose to spend this coveted day off to work on their career as beauty pageant contestants. These hard working, frequently ignored and often tragic Filipino women are allowed stand in the spotlights, but only once a week.


Yamato California

YAMATO (CALIFORNIA) 大和(カリフォルニア(Japan, USA, 2016) by Daisuke Miyazaki | Sunday 7 May, 17:00

Hip hop fable portraying the tense relations and dynamics between Japan and the United States. The Japanese city Yamato lays in the shadow of an American Air Force base since the Second World War, causing elements of American culture to seep into the town. The introverted teenager Sakura tries to make it as a rapper; a cause that seems hopeless until the arrival of her American stepsister Rei fills her with new insights. Reinvigorated by the authenticity that drew her to hip hop in the first place, Sakura decides to embrace her unique perception of the world.



SOUL MATE 七月與安生 (Hong Kong/China, 2016) van Derek Tsang曾国祥 | Sunday 7 May, 19:30

When Ansen (Zhou Dongyu 周冬雨) encounters with her old flame Jia-ming (Li Cheng-bin), he informs her of the existence of ‘Soul Mate’: an online, autobiographical serial chronicling Ansen’s former friendship with author July (Ma Sichun馬思純). When Ansen starts reading the serial, she gets flooded with repressed, emotional memories spanning two decades of her life. Despite being polar opposites, the rebellious Ansen and the modest July seemed destined to remain best friends for life, ever since forming an almost inseparable bond at age thirteen. This all changed, however, when Jia-ming entered their lives, and the three formed a close-knit group of friends; a triangle that would impact their plans for the future in a most unexpected and tragic manner.


Followed by a talkshow on China’s Generation Y, the younger generation

Looking at the drastic changes that China has undergone since the 1980s, what comes to light when zooming in on the maturing youth born in the post 80s and 90s that shapes China’s future?

These youngsters grew up against the backdrop of China’s rapid economic growth and the family planning policy. More economically affluent, keen on traveling and web savvy compared with older generations, even often stereotyped as the ‘little emperors’. What’s it like growing up in a country with strong collectivist traditions at one hand, while living live in its own terms? How does China’s Gen Y redefine modernity in its own way?

Talk with: Ed Sander – author and guest lecturer on digital and modern China for (ChinaTalk,, Jing Chu – FAB蜜 blogger on WeChat portraying women in contemporary society and PR professional.

Moderator: Ian Yang – CinemAsia programmer and professional in cultural exchange projects between Europe and the greater China.

In collaboration with the Chinese Student Association of Erasmus University (CSA-EUR)

Rainbow Karaoke and CinemAsia Freestyle Food

Besides the film screening, the Rotterdam audience can sing their heart out at the CinemAsia RAINBOW KARAOKE night and enjoy surprising CinemAsia Freestyle Food by KINO-chef DJ Wooldrik in collaboration with Marnix Benschop (ex Noma, Ivy) and Hiroaki Yamamoto (Yama). Combine this with a delicious CinemAsia X Cocktail or a refreshing Tiger beer!

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