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Stichting Free Notes is very proud to present the first edition of the People Mountain People Sea (PMPS) music festival. On the 12th of April, some of Asia’s most promising indie bands will be performing live at the Sugarfactory in Amsterdam! Add your comments to win free tickets!

People Mountain People Sea is an ancient Chinese proverb, indicating a mass of people. It kind of implies that we’re expecting a hell of a lot of people to show up (really we do!), but mostly it means that everybody is welcome to dance to and enjoy the music with us. The festival is the first and only Asian music festival in Europe, and it’s all about bringing Asian and European culture together. And what better way to do it than getting some of Asia’s most promising musicians to play some great tunes for you?

That’s exactly what we thought. So get ready for an exciting night of music, combining the traditional with the modern. Jambinai will provide you with a cool mix of heavy post-rock and avant-garde, played on traditional Korean instruments and electric guitars. Smacksoft combines ambient synths and loungy beats with sudden, heavy outbursts and punk rock energy, while [SU:M] focuses more on traditional Korean music. And My skin against your skin will make you want to dance your ass off with their pop electro beats.

We’ve also teamed up with the Cinemasia Film festival to give you a little sneak preview. During the festival (April 1-5th) [SU:M] will perform acoustic live sets between movies. And if you buy two or more tickets for Cinemasia, you get a discount for PMPS tickets. So what are are you waiting for?

Download the recording

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