The Grand Chinese New Year Concert


Every year during the period of the Chinese Spring Festival, one of China’s acclaimed traditional orchestras presents a sample of the colorful domestic musical tradition in the bouncing metropolises of the West. From the sounds of the horse-head fiddle from Inner Mongolia to the Cantonese melodies of the Gaohu. This year a committee of experts selected the China Traditional Orchestra Zhejiang to present traditional costumes, classical instruments and traditional and contemporary music from China during The Grand Chinese New Year Concert. On Sunday January 26th the orchestra, led by renowned conductor Zhang Lie, will take the listeners of the New Luxor Theatre in Rotterdam on a spectacular journey through the Chinese lands.

The Grand Chinese New Year Concert is one of the most successful unconventional concert- formats worldwide. It has been designed to enrich the cultural exchange between East and West and to bring Chinese traditional music, with a history of more than 3000 years, to the world stages.

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