I Phone You (愛封了)


Humor in the emerging Chinese media landscape
Thursday 16 January 2014, 8pm, De Balie in Amsterdam"I PHONE YOU" - Filmproduktion der Reverse Angle Production GmbH

China / Germany) is a romantic comedy film that views the Berlin society from Chinese perspective. The main characters in the film are played by Florian Lukas (GOODBYE, LENIN!) and Jiang Yiyan (REIGN OF ASSASSINS). The screening will be followed by a talkshow, which addresses the rise of Chinese comedy.

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I Phone You: From the Chinese metropole Chongqing to Berlijn
Ling, a Chinese girl in her mid-20’s, has a short romantic affair with Chinese businessman Yu who lives in Berlin. He gives her an iPhone as a goodbye present, thereby starting a long-distance telephone relationship. A few weeks later Ling decides to leave Chongqing behind her and flies to Berlin to meet Yu, but some stranger awaits her at the airport. He is Yu‘s German bodyguard who has to make sure that Ling returns home as soon as possible. However nothing goes as planned. What follows is a two-day adventure full of surprises as Ling meets Turks, Poles and Berliners, waiters, policemen, whores, and even a dog. Will she give up on Yu and return home? Or will she succeed in catching the man she wants so badly?

Humor from Chinese perspective
Why is it that the Chinese comedy has not yet reached the western audience? Is it not funny in the European context? Has the cultural revolution killed every form of humor? Or do the Chinese have a different kind of humor that the average Westerner cannot understand? Last year CinemAsia screened the box office hit “Lost in Thailand” (人 再 囧 途 之 泰 囧). In China this movie broke every record, which made this movie the biggest blockbuster and most visited Chinese comedy movie of all times.

After the screening of I Phone You a talkshow will be held, moderated by CinemAsia’s programmers Shiko Boxman and Arjen Oosterbaan (- CHFC China Holland Film Company). Special guests and experts on the topic are Prof. Stefan Landsberger – professor Contemporary Chinese Culture and Media, who happens to possess the largest and most comprehensive private collection of Chinese propaganda art, Anne Sytske Keijser – lecturer and researcher on Chinese cinema and literature and Hong Tong Wu – mediamaker and founder of Chinese Radio & Television (CRTV).

As usual to the CinemAsia Quarterly screenings we will, along with the audience, look for answers to questions about the topic. The public is therefore invited to actively participate in the panel discussion.

A fun exploration of love I Phone You 愛封了

: China/Germany 2011
Language: Chinese / German spoken, English subtitled
Genre: Romantic comedy
Director: Tang Dan (唐丹)
Cast: Jiang Yiyan, Florian Lukas, Wu Da Wei, Wang Hai Zhen
Production: Reverse Angel Films (Hamburg) and Ray Production (Beijing)

Time: 8 pm
Location: De Balie, Kleine Gartmanplantsoen 10, Amsterdam
Tickets: www.debalie.nl or at the desk of the Balie

Trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dqf7v2UP0xw
This edition of the CinemAsia Quarterly Screening is organized in collaboration with China Holland Film Company

In addition to the annual festival, CinemAsia exhibits its Quarterly Screenings throughout the year. With its unique selection CinemAsia Film Festival brings the diversity of Asian cinema to the Netherlands, from big blockbusters to inspiring documentaries and independent productions from China, Taiwan, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea and more. In addition to cultural and entertainment CinemAsia promotes the visibility of Asians in the media and provides a platform for Asian media makers. For more info, visit www.cinemasia.nl.

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