Design Salon 11th: Classic Movie Night

by Zhiyuan Zheng


You are kindly invited to join Design Salon 11th: Classic Movie Night (with ENGLISH SUBTITLES).

Street Angel, a Classic Chinese Movie, takes us inside 1930’s Shanghai, when the port was a flourishing center of global commerce and a vortex of the changes rapidly overtaking China.

The animation filmmaker and interaction designer, James Boekbinder, will give the introduction of the movie to the audiences and also lead a discussion, e.g. the design of the film itself, the different modern movements in the film, the people’s experience of a ‘modern’ way of life replacing the old ways reflected in the film, etc.

Want to know more about the Classic movie and traditional culture?
Please join us together the Classic Movie Night!

Entrance starts from 19:30
Program starts from 20:00

Buying the Ticket online through, or at the counter of WORM

Brief of the Movie

Street Angel is often considered one of the classics of the “leftist” filmmaking period that reached its peak in the 1930s. It was selected as one of the Best 100 Chinese Motion Pictures by the 24th Hong Kong Film Awards, ranked 11th.

Two sisters – one already forced into prostitution, one a teahouse singer attempting to avoid a forced marriage – attempt to join forces with outcast friends to better their lot. It was Zhou Xuan’s role as the teahouse singer that made this film a classic. Fragility, uncertainty, poverty, desperation, the will to overcome – she had intimate experience of all of these things. And a remarkable gift for conveying them with her music and acting.

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