Theatre of Changzhou


Theatre of Changzhou

In April 2013 Theatre De NWE Vorst will be transformed into Theatre of Changzhou. Theatre De NWE Vorst, Fontys School for Performing Arts and Het Zuidelijk Toneel, in association with the municipality of Tilburg, would like to introduce the audience, the companies and the local government of Tilburg to their Chinese sister city Changzhou.

Theatre of Changzhou will take place from 18th until 28th of April 2013 in Theatre De NWE Vorst.

During these ten days there will be an extensive exhibition about Changzhou, as seen through the eyes of art students. Visitors can walk a route along 11 different rooms. Each room contains an artwork, exhibition or performance centred around a specific theme, such as industry, entertainment, art and food.  Additionally, Theatre of Changzhou will present debates, lectures, educational activities, a karaoke party, Chinese food and a dance night. Visitors with children are also welcome. Kidsday, entirely in Chinese style, is on Sunday afternoon on the 21st of April.

Live acts and performances

On five evenings – 18, 19, 25, 26 and 27 of April – students will perform a live act and there will be theatre performances, including a performance of Leen Braspenning (HZT), based on the portraits she made of residents from Changzhou.

Theatre of Changzhou 


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