About CRTV

Who we are

Chinese Radio & TV (CRTV) connects Chinese and Western culture and society by different media channels. CRTV is an organisation which makes radio and television for the Chinese community residing in the Netherlands. The audience includes Chinese immigrants from mainland China and Hong Kong, students from China, and the Dutch interested in Chinese culture. CRTV makes its broadcasts in Mandarin, Cantonese and Dutch.

城市之声致力于通过各种媒体平台连接中西方文化.欢迎您收听收看我们的广播及电视节目,并请经常浏览我们的网站. 欢迎在节目中拨打直播间热线: +31(0)20-7884321.

The former Chinese Radio Amsterdam (CRA) was founded by a group of young Chinese graduates in the spring of 1996. The purpose of the radio programs in Chinese has been to inform the Chinese community about social, cultural and political issues. In May 1996, Chinese Radio Amsterdam started to broadcast one hour in two weeks through cable.

Today, the audience can listen to our one hour radio programs on cable, on air and on internet every Sunday till Friday. The programs contain news (local, national and China), education (health, legislations, finance), discussions, entertainment (showbizz, films, quizes, sport), interviews and reports interluded by modern and classic Chinese music. Next to our radio programs, the audience can watch our television program on Amsterdam A1, Rotterdam TV and Den Haag TV every first Sunday of the month. Chinese Radio and Television cooperates often with many different Dutch and Chinese organisations to make programs and to get or to give support. We also organize events such as China Creates….and Picnic.

Chinese Radio and Television is a communication platform between different generations of Chinese people and between the Chinese community and the Dutch society.