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U-Theatre: Sound of the Ocean



U-Theatre will bring its classic repertoire Sound of the Ocean to the world music series of Muziekgebouw aan het IJ in Amsterdam on December 7th

Sound of the Ocean tells of the“water of life, which nourishes our souls." The music and drumming and movement simulate the remarkably diverse and distinctive sounds of water in its five sections: “Collapse”, “Flowing Water”, “Breakers”, “Listening to the Ocean Heart”, and “Sound of the Ocean” as individual drops gather together to form a stream and streams create a river which eventually rushes into the ocean.

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Chinese girls living abroad


Yuxi Nie

Today, many Chinese women decided to not follow the old life paths of their mothers or grandmothers which is often to settle down at a young age. Instead, they make their own choices to pursue higher education degree, to compete for better job positions, and to travel abroad for adventures.  However, if balancing between traditional and modern values or between Western and Chinese values is often the case, what are the issues these women might need to deal with? What are the experiences they could share with each other?

Listen to CRTV about life style of Chinese girls living abroad!

De grenzen van de wereld, dans ze weg!



Door onze redacteur Marlous Scholten
Foto’s door He Chengjun

SAGA, waarschijnlijk de enige Korea-China-Japan muziekgroep, is bezig met hun Europatour. Hun motto is: ‘No Border’ – geen grenzen. Maar juist hun Europatour maakt de bestaande grenzen in de wereld pijnlijk duidelijk: de groep trekt gedwongen zonder hun Chinese derde groepslid van land tot land – Kevin heeft nog steeds geen visum gekregen. Het benadrukt de noodzaak van het initiatief.

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CRTV Magazine 34


In dit nummer onder meer:

  • Shopping malls als vliegwiel voor  ‘stadsvernieuwing’
  • Han Han’s Mijn Generatie
  • People Mountain People Sea Festival
  • Mini lychee & limoen angel food cake
  • Een avondje Alibaba
  • en veel meer…

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