CinemAsia Film Festival on Tour 2016


cinemasia-on-tour-2016This fall, CinemAsia Film Festival goes on tour to the brand new KINO theatre in Rotterdam. On Saturday October 22nd, during KINO’s opening weekend, CinemAsia presents a special selection of contemporary Asian cinema productions. The program includes feature films from Taiwan, Korea and Indonesia. Attention is also being paid to stories about the Dutch-Asian identity by young filmmakers in our Made in Holland section. In addition, the audience can also see the exhibition ‘Queers of Hong Kong’ by Joe Lam (HK) and enjoy delicious Asian food.

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Hiperson 海朋森


Hiperson 1“Which way of life should we choose? Do we have to choose? Isn’t it necessary to always keep asking questions? – Hiperson

Concert in Cinetol at 8th of October!

Hiperson is a five-piece art rock band from Chengdu, China. Unlike previous generations of Chinese musicians, these twenty-somethings reject the shackles of recent history, harkening back to the essential, sensitive, poetic golden age of rock’n’roll. Their temperament of refreshing simplicity has led Hiperson on a path of rapid achievement. Front woman Chen Sijiang’s unique voice, brilliant and gorgeous as it is, does not draw the audience’s full attention away from Hiperson’s compelling bass-lines or the complex, precise rhythmic interplay between drums and guitar.

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