The Great Buddha+ 大佛普拉斯


Photo from left to right: Hong Tong Wu, Huang Hsui-yao, Miki Dai

Photo from left to right: Hong Tong Wu, Huang Hsui-yao, Miki Dai

The Taiwanese film The Great Buddha+ (大佛普拉斯) won the Cinemasia Film Festival Student Jury Award tonight. CRTV asked the maker of this film, Huang Hsin-yao, about his opinions on Buddhism and his inspirations for making this film. Listen to our interview in Mandarin to find out more.


The Great Buddha+ (大佛普拉斯) and the winners of the other Cinemasia Film Festival Awards will be screened again in Kriterion on April 28.

Small Talk 日常對話


Small Talk posterDirector Huang Hui-chen from Taiwan turns the camera on her lesbian mother in hopes of repairing their fractured relationship. In intense one-on-one interviews, Huang asks her mother probing questions that she would not be able to ask without the filtering distance of her camera. This documentary won the Teddy Award at Berlin Film Festival.

What did Huang Hui-chen learnt in this documentary from her mother and herself? What does this mean to her for raising her child? Listen to CRTV’s interview with Huang Hui-chen in Mandarin.

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In Your Dreams 以青春的名義



A 16-year-old loner is struggling to find love in his life. His mother abandoned him at an early age, and his unemployed father wallows in a drunken stupor. He becomes invigorated, however, when he has an intriguing encounter with a middle-aged woman (Carina Lau) by a swimming pool and subsequently finds out she’s his new substitute teacher. The two start spending time together — their longing and fear of abandonment making their friendship take a forbidden turn.

Listen to CRTV’s interview in Cantonese with Tam Wai-ching, maker of the film In Your Dreams 以青春的名義

New Turn 轉彎之後


Doris Wong

Inspired by her own cycling trip around Taiwan, Hong Kong filmmaker Doris Wong makes her debut with New Turn 轉彎之後. How do the stucked lives of four youngsters change during their cycling tour in Taiwan? Listen to CRTV’s interview with Doris.

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