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Women’s rights in the Netherlands and China


Gender equality

During the second China-Netherlands Dialogue project focusing on women’s rights, we have interviewed Pei Yuxin, Chinese professor of sociology, Guo Jianmei, founder of Women’s Legal Research and Service Center and Manya Koetse, editor of WhatsonWeibo. What challenges are women facing? How can women learn more about their rights?

Let’s listen to voices from both the Netherlands and China @CRTV coming Tuesday May 26 from 9 till 10 pm!

在第二届中荷对话项目中,针对此次中国女性权益保护的主题,我们有幸采访了荷兰WhatsonWeibo网站主编Manya Koetse, 中国女性权益知名学者裴谕新教授,中国公益律师郭建梅女士,当今女性面临哪些问题?女性如何进一步认识自我权益?敬请聆听她们就女性问题的分析。


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Leslie Cheung – de man die altijd jong zou blijven


Leslie Cheung 1

Tekst: Qiwen Chen

“Ik wil deze kans grijpen om Hongkong eens zorgvuldig te bekijken…” “We zien elkaar straks bij de hoofdingang van het hotel, ik kom eraan.” Dit waren zijn laatste woorden aan zijn manager Florence Chan. Daarna sprong hij van de 24ste verdieping van het Mandarin Oriental Hotel, een grote schok op April Fool’s Day 2003.

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Carsick Cars and Gigdiving Partnership- building Strong Bonds for the Band’s European Fans


Carsick Cars Beetles

This year, Carsick Car is not anymore following Sonic Youth like in 2007. The Chinese rock band is happy to announce their European tour dated on June 2015. However, the location of the upcoming rock concert performance is still pre-defined.

After the band’s kick off show on June 6th for MIDEM in Cannes, Carsick Cars are letting their fans decide which cities they play through a crowd funding exercise in partnership with Gigdiving. Carsick Cars and Gigdiving are both excited with this year’s partnership and come up with a pre-defined concert tour for a crowd funding campaign that will create good connections between the band artists and their fans.

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Chinese Art World


Furious Market

#SinArts, in collaboration with Pakhuis de Zwijger present a 3 part series exploring the nuances of a Chinese Art World. Starting May7th we have invited researchers and practitoners to present their fragment of a complicated imagery.

The misconception about Chinese contemporary Art are numerous. Overpricing, copying, no self-reflection, a lack of originality and the omnipresence of Ai Weiwei are some of the Clichés and Misconceptions about Contemporary Chinese Art. In a first series, #SinArts, in collaboration with Pakhuis de Zwijger, will attempt to unravel some of these misconception and paint a more complete and nuanced image of the contemporary art world. By presenting researchers and professionals from the field we dive into different aspects of a creative aspects that are often a reflection of contemporary culture in China as a whole.

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CRTV-magazine 35


Met in dit extra dikke nummer onder meer:

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  • Yuantong-tempel, de icoon van Kunming
  • en (echt) nog veel meer…

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